September 25, 2021

No matter what party they belong to we have to hold their feet to the proverbial fire and get a REAL valid vote total. We can’t continue as a Constitutional Republic with stolen elections hanging over us. Democrats only want vote audits when their cheating fails, as it did in 2016, and 2000 before that. The left also conflate recount with audit, when they know the first thing will simply count the fraud votes a second time instead of uncover them as the second thing does. We must 1) forensic audit all states, and 2) decertify any with proven fraud (blue or red).

Trump issued a statement on Friday calling on Arizona to decertify the election results.

“It is not even believable the dishonesty of the Fake News Media on the Arizona Audit results, which shows incomprehensible Fraud at an Election Changing level, many times more votes than is needed,” Trump said.

“The Fake News Media refuses to write the facts, thereby being complicit in the Crime of the Century. They are so dishonest, but Patriots know the truth! Arizona must immediately decertify their 2020 Presidential Election Results,” the statement went on.

“Those numbers were close, within a few hundred,” Fann said, according to reports. 

Fann did, however, send the results to the state’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich pointing out several irregularities found by the audit and called on him to investigate them.

“We are asking him to open up a formal investigation so that he can pursue and seek additional information, additional facts, perhaps get some of these missing things that we were never able to get, verify all this information, and take the appropriate actions of anything that is necessary to do. I have every confidence that he will be doing that,” Fann said in her letter to the Attorney General.