Donald Trump returns to the rally stage to tell an Ohio crowd his election  loss was the 'crime of the century' - ABC News

The rallies are critical and you should really start thinking through why that is. We are not leveraging them enough and we are running out of time to do so. One of the most important things we can do is help the Trump administration build up here.

Our enemy intends to use violence, we know. There is no friendly ground within corporate media. We know this too. All of this comes back to how critical the infrastructure being built for ground game really is. Our President needs every drop of leverage he can get. We have to support him here and everywhere else.

He listens to us. Wrong or right he knows more about us than he would ever let on. He is going to make mistakes again. We must support him through this or he will not have the leverage he needs to win this.

Here’s Trump’s statement.

Do the right thing Americans, help Trump get back into office where he rightfully belongs. The Biden administration is the biggest disgrace to America we have ever seen, and we must fight to bring back Trump.

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